'Final Fantasy 15' news: Hajime Tabata discusses DLC plans, game's progress and PC version


“Final Fantasy XV” game director Hajime Tabata revealed new details about the much awaited game in a recent interview. There, he discussed the game’s current development progress, the company’s plans for the first DLC, and an update on the highly anticipated PC version of the game that had been long hinted to be released sometime in the future.

Following the “Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV” event where Square Enix finally revealed the exact release date of the much awaited game that had been in development for over a decade now, Tabata made an appearance on French site JeuxVideo.

In a summary reported by Dual Shockers, Tabata said that while it may be hard to give an exact percentage of completion for the game, localization phase has already begun and that the team is currently working on balance between different environments. Other little details such as levelling, attacks, and animations, which are “complete” enough for them to confidently announce a release date, are also being worked on.

Tabata said that across the world, there are at least 300 people working on various aspects of the game.

As for the DLC, Tabata said that aside from merely adding in new content, they want the DLC to make players enjoy the game longer. Moreover, they plan to make the announcement this coming summer, and they want the DLC not just to be a simple one, but one that will makes players enthusiastic.

As previously hinted, Tabata restated that he is interested in doing a PC verison of the game. However, it won’t be a simple PC port, as he said that he would like them to start from almost zero in making the PC version as he would like the PC version to be “even more technically elaborate, integrating things that the team couldn’t do due to the limitations of console technology.”

“Final Fantasy XV” will be released for the PS4 and Xbox One on Sept. 30.