'Final Fantasy XV' release date news: Game rumored to land June 1, 2016


One of the most awaited games in 2016, the action-adventure “Final Fantasy XV,” may finally have a release date based on the listing by an online retailer.

According to Attack of Fanboy, Amazon Japan may have revealed the date of the game’s arrival to be around June 1, 2016. Although there is no confirmation or denial yet from the developers, the report stated that the given release window is feasible due to several reasons.

Square Enix previously shared that they are planning to have “Final Fantasy XV” in the market sometime during summer next year with the unveiling expected to happen in March when they will hold a touted special event.

It is also suggested that the aforementioned date fits perfectly for a game this big to be on the hands of the consumers as the game industry will not not crowded by other titles. Compared to fall, anytime between to June and September seems plausible.

However, the available information should still be taken with the proverbial grain of salt as it is possible that the launch may be set earlier or it may get delayed.

When it comes to the plot, game director Hajime Tabata teased previously that there will be two kinds of magic and important female characters, “The first is a very generic magic system that is used by people around the world. The second one is a very specific discipline of magic, which is only allowed to be used by people within the Royal family itself. There are quite a lot of female characters the guys will meet along the road they take and they really enhance the story, and perform a lot of different roles in the story not just as love interests but other ways as the story progresses,” he explained.

The game has been under development since 2006 when it was still under the name “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” and originally planned for PlayStation 3. Fans are said to be excited for the upcoming installment that will become available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as it has been a long time since they have ridden a chocobo.