'Final Fantasy XV' news: Game has two kinds of magic; female characters, enhanced visuals to be featured


Gaming enthusiasts are treated with new information regarding the highly anticipated game “Final Fantasy XV” in time for the holidays.

According to Examiner, the demonstration of the gameplay offered a first look on the feel of the installment that will showcase some of the battles, stunning visuals, and the exciting journey of the characters as they go on a road trip.

Director Hajime Tabata also shared in an exclusive interview with the news outlet what features players can expect.

“The first is a very generic magic system that is used by people around the world. The second one is a very specific discipline of magic, which is only allowed to be used by people within the Royal family itself,” he teased.

He also shared that the inclusion of female characters, although they are not central to the story, will be important to the journey of the boys. “There are quite a lot of female characters the guys will meet along the road they take and they really enhance the story, and perform a lot of different roles in the story. Not just as love interests but other ways as the story progresses,” he added.

When it comes to the release date, Square Enix only announced that the game will arrive in 2016, but a specific schedule is yet to be set. Some reports claimed that players may get their hands on the game sometime during the summer.

There will be a version for both Playstation 4 and Xbox One but not for PC as Tabata previously explained that it was not part of their original plans. “If a proper PC version is to be made, then many changes have to be made and a lot of things have to be reconsidered before such a move can be made.”

More information is expected to be revealed during Square Enix’s Active Time Report in January 2016.