'Final Fantasy XV' guide: How to unlock the secret Pitioss Ruins dungeon


Certainly, the recently released “Final Fantasy XV” hides a lot of secrets to unlock, but players agree that there is one hidden dungeon within the game that gives a fairly different experience to players. The experience is unlike anything else found within the game, and as such, a lot want to know how to find it.

According to Game Rant, the reason behind the high demand for the dungeon is due to the fact that, unlike the other dungeons within the game, it offers something outside the conventional setting. For one, the dungeon seems to be bereft of any enemies. Its strangeness seems to be amplified by the fact that it will not have a Royal Tomb, no boss fight, and that the protagonist Noctis will have to go to it alone.

Basically, the Pitioss Ruins is a dungeon that will be filled with pitfalls and puzzles that will test the player’s skills and, more importantly, their patience.

For this, players who get anxious when faced with a platforming mechanic within a non-platforming game are certainly not ready for the dungeon. Regardless, the players should first finish the main story campaign before accessing it, as it will allow players to access the end game content.

Cindy will then upgrade the car to the Regalia Type-F, which is the airship. This is the most important thing to know if players want to reach the dungeon. The requirements for it will require some time, but once it is finished, players can now fly around.

The players should then head far east, near the Rock of Ravatogh, where a small yellow line will be shown on the map. The landing strip is there, and the players will have to fight some strong enemies before reaching the unassuming structure where the Pitioss Ruins is located.

The Gamesradar has a video walkthrough on how to beat the dungeon.