Final Fantasy XIV Online mac version pulled, players get refund; Square Enix works to improve game for Mac system


Game developer Square Enix is pulling the Mac version of their game Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn, and they will also be issuing a full refund for players who bought it.

The Mac version launched alongside the expansion pack, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, on June 23, but it has been plagued with performance issues since then.

Square Enix’s Naoki Yoshidathe game’s producer and directorapologized in an announcement through the official Square Enix forum.

“We have received a great deal of feedback regarding the performance of the Mac version,” he said. “As well as various problems which resulted from the information we provided prior to its release. For these issues, we apologize.”

In line with this, the company is offering a full refund for everyone who bought the Mac version of the game.

For players who bought their copy through a retailer, they are advised to contact their respective retailers, while players who bought their copy directly from the Square Enix Online Store, they will need to fill up this form first: Square Enix Online Store Refund Request Form for the Mac Version of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online

Should the refund process prove to be difficult for some people, they can instead contact the Square Enix Support Center through this form: Consultation Form Regarding Refunds for the Mac Version of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online

The top reason for the recall that Yoshida pointed out was the miscommunication about the system requirements of the game for the Mac system, where the game was released on June 23 without proper system requirements information available to gamers.

Yoshida said: “Up until the official release of the Mac version on June 23rd, we were working to improve the client’s performance. Consequently, the system requirements which we should have released were not made available in time, which was a serious problem.

“Although our development and QA teams tested the client on Mac hardware, because of our last minute efforts to improve performance and the possibility that system requirements might change, we decided to prepare several versions of these requirements, with the one to be released depending on the final result. However, in the chaos leading up to the multi-platform launch of our expansion, we released incorrect requirements, which were not updated prior to the Mac version’s official release.”

However, they promised to do their best in improving the game to give mac players the best experience they deserved. “We aim to recommence sales of the Mac version as soon as we are satisfied that the product information and system requirements are properly prepared,” Yoshida said in conclusion.