'Final Fantasy XIV' news: Patch 3.3 will offer new exciting features


“Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward” will have a new Patch update and it will be called “Revenge of the Horde.”

Patch 3.3 will have new features such as more choices of weapons and there will be new dungeons as well.

Naoki Yoshida was excited to announce the new patch as a new trial is also included, called “The Final Steps of Faith.” In the new trial, a strong opponent, Nidhogg will be featured and eight players are needed in order to face him. The trial will offer more rewards when it will be played in a more difficult mode.

If the new trial was not enough to make the players feel exhilarated with the new updates, a new dungeon called Aquapolis will be added. It is said that when a player finishes a Dragonskin treasure map, there is a 20-percent chance that a portal will emerge and the player will be teleported to the new dungeon. The monsters inside the dungeon will also be strong and it would require players to gather other players to make a strong party.

In addition, the other new dungeon has a different condition because there will be one treasure chest that is present inside the room. Moreover, once the chest is activated to get the item inside, monsters will start appearing, and players must defeat in order to be transferred to the next room.

Surely, every player would want to finish the new dungeon, but it would be not that easy to accomplish it. Whenever the party wipes out all the enemies in one room, they are given the choice to go to the next room by choosing the right door. If the party chooses the wrong door, they will exit the dungeon.

The patch update, “Revenge of the Horde” will be available on June 7.