'Final Fantasy XIV' DLC news: 'Stormblood' expansion release date revealed


During the annual “Final Fantasy XIV” Fan Fest in Tokyo, the exact release date of the “Stormblood” expansion has been revealed. The new expansion will feature new job options such as the Red Mage and the mysterious Samurai class.

According to Yibada, after its first announcement last October, Square Enix finally revealed more details about their upcoming 2017 PC and PS4 MMO expansion, “Stormblood.” It’s set to be released on June 20, 2017, but a series of patches will be released beforehand. These patches will conclude the events of “Heavensward” in order to set the stage for “Stormblood.”

Aside from the release date, Square Enix Executive Officer, Naoki Yoshida gave another big Christmas treat to the “Final Fantasy XIV” fans with the introduction of two new class options: the Red Mage and the Samurai.

The Red Mage is described as a feisty character that wields rapier and magic at once. The Samurai, however, is just speculated on during the event, but there are no details disclosed given by Yoshida. However, the character teaser for the game gives credence to the most prominent theories for the mystery character, especially the shirt worn by Yoshida, which foreshadows the character that will be introduced after the Red Mage.

Meanwhile, Tweak Town reports that the Red Mage possesses two basic attack modes melee and ranged spell attacks. The first attack will let the mage use a close combat rapier stance, allowing them to use a special chain attack to grab foes, pull them close, and build up magical buffs. Switching to the second attack causes the Red Mage to leap back and get some distance to use a crystal rod to attack.

The Red Mage can also combine its crystal and rapier to unleash a single weapon. However, it cannot be unlocked until level 50, and it does not have its own class.

“Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood” will be released on June 20, 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.