'Final Fantasy 7 Remake' release date news: game coming on September 30?


Despite the silence of Square Enix regarding updates for the upcoming and highly anticipated release of the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” game, there have been rumors that the game might very well be coming as a surprise just in time for the release of another game in the “Final Fantasy” franchise.

Latest reports have it that “Final Fantasy VII Remake” game developer and publisher Square Enix might be gearing up for a surprise release on Sept. 30. So far, not even a release window has been announced by Square Enix for the upcoming game.

Interestingly, Sept. 30 is also the scheduled launch date of the highly anticipated “Final Fantasy XV.” Releasing the remake game alongside the new game might be a good thing but at the same time, also a bad thing. The remake game could possibly steal some of the spotlight and interest from the new one but it’s also possible that the new game would be able to share some of the hype for the remake.

An opinion piece by Game Rant regarding the upcoming remake of the hit classic game cited the success of “I Am Setsuna” as something that the upcoming “Final Fantasy VII Remake” could learn lessons from. “I Am Setsuna,” published under the Square Enix banner, was developed by Tokyo RPG Factory.

While fans have been longing for technological innovation and advancements when it comes to gameplay, “I Am Setsuna” was said to have brought in a strong sense of nostalgia by incorporating a turn-based combat system something that Japanese role-playing games (RPG) such as the “Final Fantasy” series has been known for.

While Square Enix has already announced that the upcoming remake would be taking the approach of an action RPG, it was noted that the game company could enjoy the same benefits that “I Am Setsuna” reaped by somehow still incorporating a time-based element alongside the remake’s new gameplay twists.