'Final Fantasy VII' remake news: won't be a 'simple' remake; Director Nomura surprised at role


The Final Fantasy VII remake is coming. After decades of waiting and after a long period of waiting since the first tease of a PS3 demo, the game is officially coming to the current-gen of gaming.

Game remake director Tetsuya Nomura said that him landing the job as the director of the much-anticipated game is a shock to him. In an interview with Weekly Famitsu (translation courtesy of Kotaku), he said that he actually tried to start up the project before, but nothing happened to it at that time.

Later on, it was Square Enix boss Shinji Hashimoto who approached Nomura about the idea of a remake. “Mr. Hashimoto was involved with the advertising and marketing of the original, so like [Mr. Kitase and myself], VII has a strong place in his heart,” Nomura explained.

Nomura then added that he being the director of the game came as a shock to him. As he had said, Hashimoto was at first asking him about his opinions on some points and elements of the game. “It was very perplexing,” he said. “Then one day, as I was checking the internal company presentation video it said ‘Director Tetsuya Nomura’ at the end. So I called up Mr. Kitase and said, ‘It says that I’m the director for some reason.’ To which he replied, ‘Of course it does.'”

Previously, director Nomura said that the new game won’t be just a simple adaptation to the current-gen graphics system, but more. “We can’t talk about any further details, but it won’t be a simple remake,” he said. “We haven’t put out any screenshots yet, but we’re making considerable progress, so please look forward to it. This time we are formally introducing [Kazushige] Nojima as the scenario writer. That being the case, he will be influencing the setup as far as the story, so you’ll have that to look forward to as well.”

No release date window is available as of the moment, but the first official announcement regarding the project will be announced later this year.