‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ complement each other, says director Nomura

A screenshot from the official trailer of "Final Fantasy VII Remake." (YouTube/PlayStation)

With “Final Fantasy VII Remake” and “Kingdom Hearts III” still in the works, the man behind the games shared how the two titles have made life easy for him.

Speaking at a group interview during Disney’s D23 Expo, as reported by Gamespot, Tetsuya Nomura explained how the two upcoming games are complementing each other. “I don’t really feel any sort of hurdles or difficulty because the two titles are so different,” said Nomura. “It actually works to my advantage because [they’re] so different,” he added.

“If both titles seem to have a sort of similar vein, both titles may start to look the same. So with the two being different, if there’s one thing that I could not do in one title, I might be able to do it in the other. It works out for me in that way,” said the 46-year-old director from Sqare Enix.

Nomura noted, however, that his main challenge involves managing his schedule. “For example, we were making preparations to come here to D23 for Kingdom Hearts, and while we’re kind of in the rush to do that we have to schedule a mandatory meeting for Final Fantasy VII,” he said.

Moreover, he also touched on how the developers utilize the Unreal Engine 4 for the two games. He said that the engine is helping them immensely as it is compatible with different middleware that already exists. This means they no longer need to make everything from scratch, and “has allowed for development to be smooth.”

Furthermore, Nomura also shared that they are tweaking the engine a bit. They’re doing this to fit their needs for the upcoming “Kingdom Hearts III” game. He said that they need to customize the engine so that the game won’t look like other Unreal Engine game.

Meanwhile, the latest trailer for “Kingdom Hearts III” came out over the weekend. The video also confirmed that the “Toy Story” world will be featured in the game. Dual Shockers reported that this new addition was a follow-up to the worlds that the previous game featured. These include the worlds of “Big Hero 6” and Tangled.”

“Kingdom Hearts III” will be out later this year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.