‘Final Fantasy’-themed pizza now being served in Australia

An image of the "Chocobo Chow" pizza from Domino's (Dominos official website)


Playing video games and eating your favorite snacks makes up a combination that is hard to beat. However, what if the food you are snacking on is inspired by the game you are also enjoying?

According to Destructoid, fast food pizza giant Domino’s partnered with Square Enix to come up with “Final Fantasy XIV”-themed pizzas. The “Chocobo Chow” pizza offers a fresh mix of chicken, pineapple, onions, mushrooms, spring onions, and capsicum. A Chocobo is an avian creature that functions like a horse and is a recurring character in the “Final Fantasy” series.

Meanwhile, the other pizzas rebranded for the “Final Fantasy” promo include the “Moggle’s Meatlovers,” which is the BBQ Meatlovers pizza. Another is the “Curious Cactuar,” which is the vegetarian variety, and the “Stormblood Supreme,” which is Domino’s Supreme pizza. Hawaiian lovers, on the other hand, can try the “Heavensward Hawaiian” pizza.

The pizzas, however, are only available exclusively in Australia and New Zealand. There is still word from Domino’s or Square Enix if they will extend the promo to the U.S. market.

Domino’s is also offering a Pizza and Gaming Bundle for customers who want to enjoy the full package. It includes three regular sized pizzas, garlic bread, and a 1.25-liter bottle of soda, all for $50 AUS. In addition, the bundle also comes with a promo code for a chance to grab a copy of “Final Fantasy XIV Online – Complete Edition” for PlayStation 4 or PC.

In other “Final Fantasy” news, director Tetsuya Nomura shared during the D23 Expo that “Final Fantasy VII Remake” and “Kingdom Hearts III” are complementing each other. “I don’t really feel any sort of hurdles or difficulty because the two titles are so different,” said Nomura. “It actually works to my advantage because [they’re] so different,” he added.

“If both titles seem to have a sort of similar vein, both titles may start to look the same. So with the two being different, if there’s one thing that I could not do in one title, I might be able to do it in the other. It works out for me in that way,” he went on to say.