'Final Fantasy' news: Lightning models for Louis Vuitton


“Final Fantasy” characters have always been fashionable and this is something that attracted the iconic fashion company Louis Vuitton in creating a partnership with game company Square Enix and character designer Tetsuya Nomura to design and create fashion clothing and accessories using the digital character Lightning, the main protagonist in “Final Fantasy XIII.” 

Fashion plays an important part in Nomura’s job as a character designer. Since each character’s costume design must show their persona and ability, he is faced with the difficulty as well as opportunity in creating fashionable outfits that befits each hero.

Lightning is a pink-haired hero and one of the most prominent character in the “Final Fantasy” series. She is not only pretty and fashionable but also knows how to fight. In the digital world, she is an eye-candy as well as someone one would want to have in their group during fights. She is a recurring character in the game series and even has a game title named after her: “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.” In 2016, she becomes the new face Louis Vuitton.

It seems like Louis Vuitton is testing uncharted grounds in promoting their goods as they have now taken in a digital character to advertise their products. Then again, Lightning does look very appealing in whatever outfit she is in so the move may not be such a bad one. Becoming innovative is, after all, part of the fashion industry.

The face of Lightning is used on ads titled “Series 4,” a fashion collection that is due for spring-summer 2016. Nicolas Ghesquire, creative director of Louis Vuitton posted a video in his Instagram account saying: “Reality and fantasy become one: lightning a genuine heroine in the new @louisvuitton series 4 ad campaign.” The clip shows the heroine donning different outfits, bags, and accessories.