'Final Fantasy 7 Remake' release date: Tetsuya Nomura teases big reveal soon


As Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy” role-playing game series nears three decades of existence, many highly anticipate the new developments for the series like the upcoming “Final Fantasy XV” in September, but hype is also building up for the long awaited release of the remake of one of the most beloved entries in the series, “Final Fantasy VII,” with the remake’s director Tetsuya Nomura promising a massive wave of announcements soon.

Nomura recently had an interview with the Japanese video gaming magazine Famitsu, with a translation of his interview shared by KH Insider, a site dedicated to news about Nomura’s other beloved intellectual property, “Kingdom Hearts.”

In the interview, Nomura focused more on the new and upcoming entries in the “Kingdom Hearts” series, like the much anticipated “Kingdom Hearts 3” and the remaster compilation “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8,” but he also gave a statement on the other hotly anticipated remake title he is directing

“Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8” made a splash during last week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with a trailer, but fans also expected for Square Enix to reveal some new updates to the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” only to be met with disappointment. When asked about the current lack of new information about the “Final Fantasy VII Remake,” Nomura said that while he could not give any specifics, he did promise that news about the game will be coming in the future and they will come in droves.

According to Nomura, the development team is currently getting ready for the next information release. The current plans for information dissemination for the remake is similar to the strategy for “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8,” which means that the development team plans to release a large amount of new information in one fell swoop instead of doling it out bit by bit.

Some believe that the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” update announcements will come along with the new “Kingdom Hearts” announcements that Nomura promised will come at the franchise’s concert event in August. Another slew of announcements are also set for the “Dissidia Final Fantasy” tournament at the end of the same month.

With June coming to an end and July beginning soon, August is right around the corner which means that those longing for more information about the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” will not have to wait for too long.