'Final Fantasy 7' remake news: Game producers discuss possibility of including spin-off characters and plot twists


Players of “Final Fantasy VII” may be delighted to find out that its highly anticipated remake version may possibly add spin-off characters and more plot surprises.

According to an exclusive interview with Game Informer, Squre Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase said that although “FF7” was just one game, it gave rise to a series of sequels and films that took place within the same universe, which fans commonly referred to as “Compilation of Final Fantasy 7.”

“It’s not to say that all or some of the characters from the spinoffs or other ‘Compilation’ works will appear in the remake, but if there are any areas where we can use the settings or the characters, we do want to try to incorporate it in there,” Kitase teased.

Some speculations suggest that some of the underdeveloped characters such as Cissnei and Zack may have a bigger part although they are not part of the original iteration. The latter is the hero of “Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII” and even though he is not purely a spino-ff, his cameos in the original fame were deemed to be very short. He was also referred to a few times by Cloud, and players were able to visit his hometown of Gonzaga Village. However, it remains to be seen if his appearance comes to fruition.

When it comes to the plot, Kitase shared previously that they want the updated version to have the element of surprise as pure nostalgia may bore some of the players. “If it’s just nostalgia, it’s just a matter of following the story, and there wouldn’t be any surprises. So, in that sense, we want to balance out the areas we would like change versus the areas we don’t in order to have that nostalgia, but also the surprises,” he explained.

As to when the twists may be added, the producer shared that he hopes to communicate with their audience to get a sense of what they want to see in the narrative. “We want to understand their concerns, we also want to get them excited for the story and seeing how it can be revamped and refreshed,” Kitase concluded.

“Final Fantasy VII” remake is currently under development. Its release date has yet to be scheduled by Square Enix