Final Fantasy 15 trailer, release date news: fan poll shows strong demand for Moogles; Square Enix shows new screenshots


Want to see something in the upcoming “Final Fantasy XV” game? Don’t worry, game developer Square Enix will be so kind as to ask fans about it. But wait, fan voice may not help at all, as it does not guarantee anything in any way!

Just recently, Square Enix asked the fans and gamers if they wanted to see Moogles appear on “Final Fantasy XV”. The Moogles are magical creatures that are a common appearance on most “Final Fantasy” gamesthere were even instances where they were part of the main set of controllable characters.

“Would you like to see Moogles appear in Final Fantasy XV?” Square Enix asked on their Tweet.

Despite the “Yes” from fans winning by a landslidecurrently at 87% of all total votes at the time of writingthe company still cannot guarantee that the white creatures will make it to the game.

“We can’t guarantee Moogles will be in ‘Final fantasy XV’,” they said on a separate Tweet. “But we really want to see how passionate you guys are about them and we’ll see what we can do.”

Previously, Square Enix teased a new mysterious enemy for the upcoming game, and showed more new screenshots, this time showing a look at the game characters riding a Chocobo.

The new enemy for “Final Fantasy XV” will be called Numb Blade, and he looks like a traditional Japanese samurai warrior. The design for the character was made by Chihiro Hashi, and the feel from look the character gave was intentional as they really meant it to be that way.

“For instance, look at the tied knot of the waist string this particular way of tying a knot called a ‘ronin (masterless samurai) knot’ is a representation of his social status as a poor ronin,” they said about Numb Blade. “As kimono and swords are not imaginary but rather they are traditional elements of the Japanese culture, we took great pains to create assets that are true to traditional structures by researching specialized books and carefully observing real swords.”

A screenshot of the game party team riding chocobos was also shown, and a new look on the classic enemy monster Naga was shown just in time for Halloween.

“Final Fantasy XV” will be released sometime in 2016, for the PS4 and the Xbox One.