'Final Fantasy 15' spin-off release date, news: Square Enix confirms mobile MMO game, partners with 'Game of War' creator


Square Enix recently confirmed that the upcoming “Final Fantasy XV” will be getting a surprising spin-off in the form of the first ever mobile massive multiplayer online (MMO) game for the franchise.

According to Businesswire, the game developer is partnering with Machine Zone, a global technology company that creates free-to-play mobile games, to collaborate on the said project. The upcoming installment will combine characters, storyline and soundtrack from “FFXV” in order for players around the globe to experience the game’s single universe in real time.

“It is an honor to work on a franchise I have loved since I was a kid. ‘Final Fantasy is an iconic franchise in gaming. Bringing ‘Final Fantasy XV’ to the mobile MMO gaming world is a significant opportunity for our players and we are proud to partner with Square Enix,” Machine Zone CEO Gabe Leydon shared in a statement.

Moreover, Square Enix’s president Yosuke Matsuda expressed his excitement with the partnership.

“Machine Zone has a stellar track record in the mobile gaming space and we are putting ‘Final Fantasy XV’ in trustworthy hands… We’ll work together to create MZ’s next great global mobile MMO game,” he said.

Machine Zone is the creator of popular mobile apps “Game of War: Fire Age” and “Mobile Strike” which reportedly both landed on top of the iOS charts. In 2015, the former even saw daily revenue of $1 million. It is expected that some elements from both of the titles will make it into the “FFXV” mobile MMO game.

Meanwhile, two “Final Fantasy” games have been released for mobile this year. These include “Brave Exvius” which launched in June featuring turn-based combat and exploration of dungeons. It was then followed by “Mobius Final Fantasy” which has impressive and stunning graphics.

It remains to be seen when the “Final Fantasy XV” mobile MMO game will become available to the general public. The official title of the installment is also being kept under wraps. Meanwhile, the main game arrives on Nov. 29.