'Final Fantasy 15' release date, update: Square Enix reveals Shiva summon teaser


The upcoming action role-playing game, “Final Fantasy XV” is due for a worldwide release in two months, but this early, a lot of things have already been either confirmed or rumored to be added, the latest of which is the Shiva summon.

This new addition was previously rumored by fans and observers of the upcoming game and then game developer Square Enix finally handed out a teaser during this year’s Tokyo Game Show as part of the game’s official trailer.

Gematsu was the first to report about the revelation from Japanese video game magazine, Weekly Jump, on the prospective appearance of the Shiva summon, and by the looks of it, fans will definitely have more reason to get excited for the upcoming game’s release.

For those who aren’t familiar with Shiva’s character in the “Final Fantasy” universe, she’s actually a monster who can transform herself into a human-like form of a blue creature. In the game, she is expected to be summoned because of her powers and abilities that utilize ice. For instance, her appearance alone in a room or area will turn the air ice cold and several creatures looking exactly like her start to appear and some kind of magic is created. She also has this unique attack called the Diamond Dust that has ice-elemental damage when used.

But Shiva’s summon isn’t the only exciting thing to expect in “Final Fantasy XV” as the trailer during Tokyo Game Show 2016 also provided a brief look at the story of the characters Lunafreya and Noctis. The characters, judging by how they were showcased in the teaser, are expected to have a romantic relationship.

For the legion of “Final Fantasy XV” fans, it always is a pleasure to see Square Enix deliver and show new stuff about the upcoming game; and because there still are a couple of months before the actual release on Nov.29, it’s easy to hope that more teasers will be handed out along the way.

“Final Fantasy XV” will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.