'Final Fantasy 15' release date, news: Soundtrack revealed; new trailer previews Death magic spell, villain Bandersnatch


Square Enix has apparently revealed the full soundtrack lineup of the highly anticipated game “Final Fantasy XV,” featuring exciting new songs fans can look forward to.

According to reports, players can actually listen to the music while driving King Regis’ car, Regalia, during gameplay. Some of the songs that will be showcased allegedly come from other titles and spin-off games in the “Final Fantasy” franchise such as their opening themes, battle music and ending songs.

Aside from the first entry of “Final Fantasy” up to its 14th available installment, high-quality music from “Final Fantasy Type-O,” “Dissidia: Final Fantasy,” “Justice Monsters Five” and “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV” are expected to appear.

Some of the fan favorites including “One-Winged Angel” and Terra’s theme from “Final Fantasy VI” are also deemed to induce nostalgia among gamers. Six brand-new songs specifically designed as drive music for the game will also be introduced.

Meanwhile, it is believed that the storyline will not be expanded anytime soon. Game director Hajime Tabata shared to Gamespot that they currently have no plans to continue the narrative involving Noctis and his friends after the events of “FFXV.”

On a related note, the developers unveiled a new trailer highlighting a powerful spell dubbed “Death magic.” As explained in the video’s description, the ability is performed using the Ring of the Lucii. It was revealed that Death drains the HP of the enemies. The longer the player uses the spell, the more their enemy will physically deteriorate.

The footage also showcased a brand-new fearsome villain named Bandersnatch. The creature appeared as a dinosaur-like beast that seems to be challenging to defeat. The clip ends before it can be successfully brought down.

“Final Fantasy XV” is slated to be released on Nov. 29 across platforms such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It is also one of the games that will be enhanced for the upcoming PS4 Pro.