'Final Fantasy 15' release date, news: multiplayer mode possible, Moogles gameplay teased


The worldwide release of the open world action role-playing video game, “Final Fantasy XV” is barely a month away and developer Square Enix is treating fans with a couple of things that will surely spark more interest in the upcoming game title.

One of the things fans have been hoping for is the inclusion of a cooperative mode in the game. Director Hajime Tabata promptly responded by saying that they might be exploring that possibility, but only after the game is officially released. He mentioned that “Final Fantasy XV” is in its entirety designed for single-player gaming, but there is room for a change of mind, especially if the gaming public asks for it.

Well, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise in case Square Enix decides to give the game a multiplayer update later on, probably early next year, since this has happened to several major game titles and franchises in the past.

And because the game has been previously announced to be only compatible with the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One game consoles, there definitely will be a clamor for Square Enix to make it available for the PlayStation 4 Pro and the PC in the immediate future. However, Tabata did say that doing so will require a lot of time, so gamers with the PC and PS4 Pro rigs shouldn’t expect “Final Fantasy XV” to arrive on their respective consoles soon.

Meanwhile, Gematsu published a report about the release of gameplay footage of Moogles for the upcoming game. For those who aren’t very familiar with the “Final Fantasy” game franchise, Moogles are creatures that can actually be used in-game as items and they’re primarily intended to sway evil away. They can be utilized as decoys, but there are certain enemies that don’t react to it.

“Final Fantasy XV” is scheduled for release on Nov. 29.