'Final Fantasy 15' release date, news: Five soundtrack sample videos, characters' unique skills revealed


With only a little over a week before the much-awaited launch of “Final Fantasy XV,” Square Enix continues to release some of the game’s content to hype its release.

According to PlayStation LifeStyle, the latest details that players can check out are the five new soundtrack sample videos and more information on the characters including their unique skills. The music includes “Blues de Chocobo,” “Veiled in Black,” “Stand Your Ground,” “Relax and Reflect” and “Valse di Fantastica.”

Meanwhile, the skills of the four main characters are revealed to be based on their interests which can all be leveled up.

Specifically, Noctis’ skill is fishing that can be upgraded by catching a lot of fish making the fishing equipment cheaper; Prompto’s is photography, he takes pictures of different sceneries such as the places he visits with friends; Ignis’ is cooking which can be useful as they spend nights camping, his ingredients can be acquired by defeating monsters; and Gladiolus’ skill is survival in which he finds various items after battles that can come in handy in their journey. Interestingly, Gladiolus’ ability goes up simply by walking around as his finds more rare items.

In addition, guest characters who become allies will also be encountered as they will temporarily help out the main player. During fights, the gamer can give them commands and help with Link Attacks. This includes Cor Leonis who is described as a general who uses a great sword and equipped with overwhelming power and Iris Amicitia who joins Noctis in successful parries using a Moogle.

On a related note, Siliconera shared screenshots of the gameplay giving a closer look at the Ice Queen Shiva and the city upon the water dubbed Altissia. The latter is said to be one of the important locations in the story. It is surrounded by bodies of water such as waterfalls and canals, inspired by Venice, Italy.

“Final Fantasy XV” is slated to arrive on Nov. 29 across platforms such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4.