'Final Fantasy 15' release date, DLC news: Online co-op confirmed as part of upcoming DLC 'Comrades\'


With only a month left before the much-awaited release of “Final Fantasy XV,” more details about the game are being confirmed including online co-op play, Moogle gameplay and Noctis fighting Luna.

According to reports, during Square Enix’s presentation at the ongoing Paris Games Week 2016, producer Haruyoshi Sawatari revealed that the game’s final downloadable content (DLC) pack will contain the highly anticipated online multiplayer feature.

Titled “Comrades,” the expansion will be available via the “Final Fantasy XV” season pass, with the narrative focusing on Noctis’ friends Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto. One player will be able to control the main protagonist while the rest will become his friends during their shared online adventures.

Geek shares that the game developer will allow up to four players to experience fighting off monsters and robots together. Although the DLC is still in the planning stages, players can gain access to it by purchasing the season pass which is priced at $29.99. “Comrades” is predicted to showcase new areas to explore and different enemies to battle with. Each character will be equipped with a different play style.

“Episode Gladiolus” will be the first installment, followed by “Episode Ignis” with “Episode Prompto” completing the expansion. Sawatari added that every episode will provide new adventures and systems that change the way the game works since they are based on the personality and style of the titular characters. The release date for “Comrades” has yet to be scheduled.

On a related note, a new trailer showcases the use of Moogles in the game. The stuffed doll can be utilized as a weapon as it acts as a decoy and enemies, upon discovering the item immediately, will attack it instead. It is deemed to be useful as a trap and distraction when the situation becomes overwhelming for Noctis and his friends. However, they cannot be used against boss level monsters.

In addition, another clip features Noctis in a dream-like sequence alongside Luna. They are said to be in a dark prophecy involving his home Lucis. Scenes reveal that Noctis following a white dog as he fights Niflheim soldiers and a mysterious dark warrior.

“Final Fantasy XV” is slated to launch on Nov. 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.