'Final Fantasy 15' release: European box art features new design


As the decade-long wait for the release of “Final Fantasy XV” is inching closer to its end, more information has come out about the game’s features with the box art for European version of the game being announced.

Listings for “Final Fantasy XV” have appeared on the Spanish version of Amazon. The site features the “Day One Edition,” “Deluxe Edition,” and “Special Edition” variants of the game; with each one featuring a different box art.

Curiously, the box art for the “Special Edition” stood out from the rest as it did not feature a stylistic representative image of the game. Instead, the “Special Edition” box art’s design showed a filtered image of King Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII holding a younger version of the game’s main protagonist Noctis Lucis Caelum in his arms. The young Noctis is shown sleeping peacefully against his father’s chest, with Regis staring valiantly into the distance while carrying his child with one arm and resting his other hand on his sword.

The box art features not only a different design compared to its non-European counterpart, but it also makes a stark contrast to the franchise as a whole. The newly released box art’s design marks a departure from the design prominent in all prior designs for previous games in the franchise. As the foremost conceptual artist and visual designer for the franchise, Yoshitaka Amano has always had a deep hand in designing conceptual and promotional images for “Final Fantasy” games.

Amano’s style has always evoked a minimalist feel but with an incredibly stylized design for the characters and elements in the overall work. For comparison, the North American version of the game’s “Special Edition” variant features Amano’s handiwork, though less minimalist than his other designs.

The different design for the European box art of the “Special Edition” suggests that Square Enix is starting to break some of its old traditions when it comes to their long running series. At the very least, the box art represents the potential of “Final Fantasy XV” to break the mould and stand out in the franchise, especially with all of its new elements and stylistic changes.

“Final Fantasy XV” will be released on Sept. 30.