'Final Fantasy 15' gameplay update: Combat to include 'Wait Mode' option


It looks like the more traditionalist members of Square Enix’s hugely popular role playing video game “Final Fantasy” series can now be rest assured that the upcoming next main game in the series, “Final Fantasy XV,” will allow players a break from the game’s more action-oriented combat.

The prior common knowledge about the game is that the combat part of its gameplay will take influences from some of Square Enix’s other titles that feature a more dynamic battle system, like the “Kingdom Hearts” series and “Final Fantasy Type-0.” It turns out that the game will actually provide an option for those who prefer the more tactical turn-based approach of the older titles in the series.

The information came from this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), which had a livestream featuring “Final Fantasy XV” game director Hajime Tabata speaking more about the game. The livestream, a recording of which is now available on the game’s official YouTube account, had Tabata mention that many players who have tested “Final Fantasy XV” complained of their struggles with the game’s real-time combat.

As reported by Gamespot, Tabata explained in the latter parts of the video, around the 55-minute mark, that the developers have decided on a sort of middle ground between the game’s real-time combat and the series’ trademark turn-based battles by instituting a “Wait Mode” feature.

Tabata said that previous titles in the series featured the iconic “Active Time Battle” (ATB) mode and the more traditional “Wait Mode,” which allowed players to not have to deal with time limits of the “ATB” system. For “Final Fantasy XV,” the “Wait Mode” can be activated in the options menu for those who desire to do so.

How “Wait Mode” functions is that it essentially pauses the game whenever players do not have any buttons pressed. This means that they can take some time to decide what it is they want to do next after taking a specific action, like setting up for a combo or choosing their next target more precisely.

The game’s “Wait Mode” does not provide an eternal break however, as letting it activate drains a “Wait Mode” gauge that will display at the bottom of the screen. Though Tabata did not mention anything about how the gauge recovers, it is likely that it simply regenerates for as long as players do not let the game activate “Wait Mode.” Tabata also clarified that “Wait Mode” is not necessarily there to make the game easier; its main intent is to allow a more tactical approach to the game’s combat.

Get ready to activate “Wait Mode” when “Final Fantasy XV” launches on Sept. 30 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.