'Final Fantasy 14' DLC release date, news: 'Stormblood' arrives summer 2017; introduces Ala Mhigo, antagonist Zenos


Players can now mark down their calendars for the release of “Final Fantasy 14” much-awaited expansion pack, “Stormblood,” which is scheduled to arrive in summer 2017.

According to Polygon, during Square Unix’s participation at the recently held “Final Fantasy 14” fan festival in Las Vegas, some exciting details of the downloadable content (DLC) were revealed. These include a teaser trailer featuring a mysterious woman in red fighting a monk on top of a large stone statue located at a massive desert.

During the keynote address to the audience, game director Naoki Yoshida shared that the new area of the world will be called Ala Mhigo. The place has been ruled by the evil Garlean Empire for decades and the gamer’s main objective is to liberate the locale. However, they will be challenged along the way as there are people who do not want liberation. A military leader named Zenos will be the main antagonist.

Moreover, another place called the Rhalgr’s Reach was revealed. It is a major city whose name came from a god worshiped by the desert dwellers. The main character will also be accompanied by a non-playable companion as they embark on new adventures.

IGN notes that “Stormblood” may have content similar to a full game. Aside from the aforementioned elements, it is also expected to include dungeons and high-end raids. The level cap of 60 will also boosted to 70, while the massively multiplayer online game’s (MMO) combat skill system will be revamped. Elsewhere, new job classes and inventories will also be introduced.

As for the skills that are unused or deemed to be ineffective, Yoshida said that they may be changed or ultimately removed. The DLC will also launch alongside the touted 4.0 update. When it comes to the former expansion “Heavenward,” the director promised improvements and “full standalone game’s worth of content.”

Gamers may also get their hands on the Halloween-themed world of All Saint’s Wake. It is accessible starting Oct.19 and will run until Nov. 1.