‘Feud: Bette and Joan’ plot news: EP talks about finale, teases season 2

A promotional image for "Feud: Bette and Joan" (Facebook/FeudFX)

If not for their “Feud” and arrogance, Joan Crawford (Jessica Lange) and Bette Davis (Susan Sarandon) could have been friends.

The finale episode ended with Crawford’s death after battling cancer. However, before that happened, Crawford’s Hollywood career started to fade. After “Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte,” the veteran actress only starred in a low-budget movie. She came to realize that she not only lost her career but also her looks and charm.

Nevertheless, her daughter, Cathy, paid Crawford a visit to tell her that she and her sister Cindy are lucky to have the actress as their mom.

As for Davis, she accepted every role offered to her out of fear of losing her acting job. Sadly, her relationship with her daughter, B.D. (Kiernan Shipka), became estranged after she hit one her grandsons. Also, Davis found her mother’s letters to a friend, which was full of unkind words about her.

With some convincing from Victor Buono (Dominic Burgess), Davis reached out to the sickly Crawford. However, she dropped the phone when she heard Crawford’s voice.

Following Crawford’s death, Davis contemplated her entire life and how her world intersected with her late nemesis.

“I know they regretted it because Bette Davis felt she had handled it perhaps unkindly and too abruptly and without any compassion,” creator Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly about the feud between the two women.

“Only after working with Faye Dunaway did she find out what a saint Joan Crawford was. It made her realize Joan Crawford was a professional and actually did care,” he added. As noted, Dunaway became Davis’ rival after Crawford.

“I wanted to give the audience something that Joan and Bette actually did not have: a sense of closure,” Murphy explained.

Meanwhile, the upcoming ten-episode season would feature Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s story.

“Season 2 is casting. It’s going to be super juicy,” said Murphy. “It’s a love affair feud,” he went on to say.