Ferrari F12tdf Vitesse AuDessus Louboutin news: new carbon fiber package makes super car lighter and accelerate faster


Vitesse AuDessus recently unveiled the Louboutin Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Package for one of the most exclusive supercars, Ferrari F12tdf.

According to the company’s chief executive officer, Stefany Sanchez, the Maryland-based provider of bespoke carbon fiber packages will only offer five samples of the said product. The details of the package include full and bare carbon fiber exterior in a combination of standard and proprietary red-tinted 6k twill carbon fiber fabric, carbon fiber accents, engine compartment carbon fiber accents, and one set of OEM-spec carbon fiber 20-inch wheels that will significantly decrease the vehicle’s weight.

By replacing the original parts of the Ferrari F12tdf with the aforementioned lighter materials, the weight of the vehicle will be reduced by 350 pounds or 158.8 kilograms. This will make the supercar accelerate faster and have better handling due to lower center of gravity and increased structural rigidity.

Moreover, with the new wheels, tires will remain in contact with the road even with greater acceleration and decrement on stopping distance. This may also result to improved fuel economy as steering, handling, and gripping of the unit will be easier.

To assure owners, the package comes with a five-year warranty and guaranteed replacement on carbon panels and wheels. The original panels that will be removed will be crated and given back to the buyer in pristine condition.

Vitesse AuDessus has been catering to the custom requests of its customers as they provide several choices to choose from for weaves, color, and finishes with premium materials likened to the ones used by Sweden-based automaker Koenigsegg and some Formula One race teams.

Although the company has not listed the price yet, and it will only become available upon request, speculations suggest that the package may range from $100,000 to $200,000. Interested buyers are advised to contact Sanchez.