‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: Midseason finale trailer features Ofelia

A promotional image for "Fear the Walking Dead." (Facebook/FearTWD)

As AMC’s “Fear of the Walking Dead” goes into a midseason break, one of the fans’ biggest questions may likely be answered.

The teaser for season 3’s upcoming episode titled “The Unveiling/Children of Wrath Part 1” showcased Ofelia (Mercedes Masohn). She has been under the radar and off the spotlight since the departure of Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) from the hotel. Since then, fans have been speculating with regards to her whereabouts.

With Ofelia appearing on the short teaser, there is a possibility that fans will get some answers in the next episode. A report from The Christian Post, however, said that her appearance may not necessarily mean that details of her current situation will be explained in the episode. What is certain is that fans will get something that will help shed some light on her predicament.

Meanwhile, other characters will also have their share of the spotlight in the upcoming two-part finale. Nick (Frank Dillane) will be seen persuading Troy (Daniel Sharman) to allow him entry into the militia. The two will engage in some bantering, as the former tries his best to persuade Troy into changing his mind.

Troy asks Nick why he should allow him to join the militia. As a response, Nick says: “I don’t know.  Maybe I feel bad about what I’ve done. Do you ever feel that way about anything? You know. You do something and people die and things get worse.”

Furthermore, action will intensify as clashes within the community take place. The ranch, in particular, will be split in the wake of a new arrival. “Meanwhile, Alicia forms a new relationship in the hopes of maintaining peace,” according to the episode’s official synopsis.

“Fear the Walking Dead” season 3 episode 7 airs on Sunday, July 9, at 9 p.m. EDT on AMC. It will also be available right after the on-air broadcasts on iOS, Android, Windows, Apple TV, Fire Tablets, Roku, Xbox One and amc.com.