Fear the Walking Dead spoilers: 15 episodes in season 2, producers confirm; but still no answers to cause of outbreak


During the press tour of Television Critics Association, producers of the Walking Dead parallel series, “Fear the Walking Dead,” have shared that there is already an order for season two to include 15 episodes, an upgrade from the upcoming season one which has five episodes.

Executive producer Dave Erickson revealed the news and added that, “We structured the [first] season in a way that they’re still somewhat insulated from the greater truth of what’s going on. And part of what they’re going to see and explore when we get into Season 2 will be that very thing.”

He mentioned that they want the story to focus on the blended and dysfunctional family of two high school teachers Travis and Madison, including all their life drama, and how they cope with the start of the flu-like outbreak in the biggest city in the country, Los Angeles.

“We tried to slow burn the story – make it as much about the anxiety and tension and paranoia that goes with this outbreak as much as it is about the actual confrontations with zombies,” IGN reports.

Meanwhile, executive producer Dave Alpert said that the “companion show” to the “mothership” series allows them to explore untouched areas as to the start of the apocalypse including how it happened, how  it looked at the start and how the information spread across the different states.

However, similar to the original comic book and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, they will still not reveal what is the main cause for people turning into zombies.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Erickson also said that even though there is a reference in the pilot script to Dr. Candace Jenner, also known as Test Subject 19 from the parent series, they will avoid telling the plot from the perspective of CDC, FEMA or any bureaucrats and politicians the same angle Kirkman is veering away from.

When asked if how many seasons he thinks Fear will last, “About five or six… I’ve got some of mile markers, which don’t take me that long as of yet, but I can’t really say because it’s an AMC question,” he answered.

Season one premieres on August 23.