Fear the Walking Dead season 2 promises 'seafaring adventure' as survivors head out into the waters


Fear the Walking Dead is already renewed for a sophomore season. The storyline sheds some light on how the zombie destruction came about while Rick Grimes was in a coma, especially as its sister show, The Walking Dead, did not reveal so much information about the zombie outbreak’s origins. In season two of Fear the Waking Dead, the story will continue to tell fans about the undead’s roots.

In its first season, the main characters have taken retreat in a mansion when Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) tells his plan in overcoming the undead through his yacht named Abigail. In season two, Robert Kirkman, one of the creators of the series, said that there will be scenes on water, notes Ecumenical News. He said in the New York Comic Con that “There’s definitely some zombie water action coming up,” but goes on to elaborate later on that “just because it takes place on the boat doesn’t mean they’ll be on the boat all the time. It will be a seafaring adventure,” notes IGN. Aside from this, Kirkman mentioned that although the setting of Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead is different, the two series will “ultimately be similar.”

The news portal further added that aside from these, Kirkman revealed something that has troubled him in season one of The Walking Dead, pertaining to the scene when Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) has a shotgun and shot the zombies. He asked “How did we get to the point where this pizza boy could do that?” and expounded that “on Fear, we get to see how a regular person like Travis would react to these situations.” He wanted to play with expectations and show how alien this world would be and how tough it would be to adjust.”

Fear the Walking Dead is an American horror and drama television series which serves as a prequel and companion series to The Walking Dead. The first season initially premiered on August 23 this year. The second season is said to come around June next year.