'Fear the Walking Dead' season 2 updates: Dangers looming ahead of survivors


In just a little more than a month, season 2 of “Fear the Walking Dead” will be returning to the small screen, with the show creating continuous hype and releasing occasional teasers that further make fans look forward to its premiere.

On its Twitter page, “Fear the Walking Dead” uploaded a poster a few days ago of a sunset that looks like the shape of a skull or similar grotesque figure over the yacht named Abigail. It somehow teases fans that there is definitely danger looming ahead of the survivors, with perhaps limited haven to escape.

The photo was captioned, “These waters are deadly,” along with the premiere date of the show.

In an interview with Dave Erickson, showrunner of “Fear the Walking Dead,” he told Entertainment Weekly, “There’s nothing scarier to me than being stuck in the middle of the ocean and with no clear idea of where you can possibly land.”

In terms of the timeline, there is no “radical jump” expected between season 1 and 2, as it is significant to keep the episodes at a “closer time frame,” Erickson explained. If fans can remember, the survivors went to the mansion of Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) for sanctuary, as the latter tells them that he knows how to escape the zombies.

In terms of mood, fans can also expect the same “slow burn” approach, especially compared to its sister show, “The Walking Dead.” Erickson highlighted, however, that there will be “adventure on the high seas” since there will be infections and other people to deal with.

He added that the biggest challenge for the survivors is the danger abound, as they take their refuge in the vast ocean. He added, “And what we’ll quickly realize is the sea is no safer than land.”

“Fear the Walking Dead” season 2 premieres on Apr. 10 on AMC.