'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 2 spoilers: next season picks up the pace; themes continue to be family and trust


Following the positive reception to “The Walking Dead” companion series, AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” has already been renewed for a second season.

The new season order now comes with 15 episodes after having only six episodes in its maiden season.

Before the second season premiered however, a report by Design and Trend posted five major questions left over by Season 1 which may chart the path for the survivors in the upcoming chapters.

The article initially posted the question of whether the Clarks, Manawas, and Salazars, can trust Strand, a character who is described as someone who will not offer kindness unless he benefits from it.

Another issue would be how the group will be able to make it to the yacht and what their next move will be once they get there.

Another exciting development to watch out for will be how the show introduces the survivor of Flight 462 to the series now that they are bound for the sea.

Meanwhile, in aHollywood Reporter interview with showrunner Dave Erickson, he shared some of the things to watch out for when the show returns next year.

Erickson said that the show will not have much of a time jump from the time the season finale ended but the tragedy they suffered will have a profound impact on the group, forcing them to look at each other differently.

The show will also take on a faster pace compared to its predecessor.

As with the original series, “Fear the Walking Dead” will also face threats not from the walkers alone but from fellow humans as well.

“Much in the same way that we have taken steps to survive and compromised our morals to do so, we’re going to have to deal with some people who have very similar objectives, and the default setting for most of these people is not going to be let’s all live in harmony and try to build a new community. It’s going to be, how do we protect what’s ours? How do we protect our family? So there’s going to be a very serious threat from other people, as there is constantly on The Walking Dead,” he explained.

Erickson also shared that season 2 will also deal with family drama and weighing which counts more, family or the general welfare, as situations in the boat will force Madison to deal with the issue head on.