'Fear the Walking Dead' season 2 premiere spoilers: water may not be a safe place to survive zombie apocalypse


In preparation for the highly anticipated release of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” season 2, the network unveiled a brand-new trailer that teases the characters’ journey as they try to survive on water.

The sneak peek showed what could be some floating zombies as Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) said, “It couldn’t be more natural. The world could not sustain itself. It’s have enough.” Then, Victor Stand (Colman Domingo) shared, “You know what the real danger is on the ocean? It’s people,” followed by a montage of their boat seemingly being hijacked.

Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) then quipped with, “You don’t decide who lives and who dies” before the clip ended with Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) stating, “I choose survival.”

In an interview during their panel in PaleyFest, executive producer Dave Ericson revealed that the group may have to abandon the yacht they take refuge on and soon hit land again after spending time on the treacherous waters.

“It could be sooner than you think. We will be on the boat for a considerable amount of time. A lot of our action will take place on the boat but because we’re not alone on the water, because there are threats at sea as well, we’re going to be forced to go back. It won’t be every episode. It’s not going to be a new port of call every episode, but we’ll go to land sooner rather than later,” he hinted.

Showrunner Gale Anne Hurd also shared that contrary to fan theories, water is not always a good and safe place when end of the world event that includes zombies happens, “Many, many fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ said that they had the solution to the zombie apocalypse. They’d take a boat and go to sea. Well, you know what? They’re going to find out whether that was really the answer or not. I think some of what they’ll see will surprise them.”

“Fear of the Walking Dead” season 2 is slated to premiere after parent series “The Walking Dead’s” current season ends, on April 10 at 9 P.M. EDT.