'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 2 premiere, cast news: characters will look to water for escape route, teases series creator Robert Kirkman


Season one of the spin-off series “Fear the Walking Dead” wrapped up with a cliffhanger which sees the characters trying to escape the zombies in Los Angeles by getting offshore aboard Strand’s yacht called “Abigail.” Series creator Robert Kirkman teases that there will be some scenes filmed while they are on the water.

On his appearance at the New York Comic-con event recently, he shared that the next installment picks up right where season one left off, “There’s definitely some zombie water action coming up… just because it takes place on the boat doesn’t mean they’ll be on the boat all the time. It will be a seafaring adventure.”

He jokingly added “maybe you’ll see the Walking Dead cruise come passing by,” which refers to an actual event happening on January next year.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Kirkman stated that venturing into the sea to survive the undead during the outbreak is one of the elements that makes the show different from the parent series, “The Walking Dead.” For those who may be wondering if they will see fewer of the antagonists as they cannot swim or walk on water, he assured that “there will be plenty of zombies to be had.”

He also said that there will be some “cool stuff coming” as the show addresses the viewers’ conjectures that maybe the characters are safer on water than on land.

In a separate interview, showrunner Dave Erickson also mentioned that the group finds out that they are not the only ones who has the idea to try their luck down the coastline of Southern Carolina, hinting that the threat posed by some sea bound refugees who only want to protect themselves may even be more dangerous than the attack of zombies.

Erickson concluded that fans should tune in for the premiere episode as it will showcase the repercussion of using a shotgun in some of the final scenes in season one.

Fear of the Walking Dead returns sometime in 2016.