'Fear the Walking Dead' season 2 news, spoilers: 'Zombies cannot swim,' showrunner says


In its second season, the survivors in AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” will be trying their luck out at sea, where zombies cannot reach them. Or can they?

The “Walking Dead” prequel/spinoff is set to kick off its latest season with a short time jump following the horrific deaths of some of the main cast’s family members and Los Angeles descending into chaos. Travis (Cliff Curtis), Madison (Kim Dickens), and their group, led by Strand (Colman Domingo), will be heading out to sea on the mysterious newcomer’s luxurious yacht as the city is overtaken by walkers.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Dave Erickson talked about what’s in store for “Fear the Walking Dead” viewers when the show returns to AMC in April.

According to Erickson, season 2 will aim to answer the questions of what a family is and whether such a unit is based on blood or bond. The new group, which consists of several individuals who don’t really know that much about each other, will be grappling with the new dynamics created by having to live in close quarters on the yacht. As the “FTWD” boss said, this will create “an interesting balance of paranoia and anxiety.”

“…We’re now on a boat in the middle of the ocean, and that’s going to give us a lot of drama for the first few episodes,” he revealed.

As for how being in the middle of the ocean will help the survivors escape from the walkers, Erickson said, “Zombies cannot swim.”

“They can’t really swim, but they can wade, which can be creepy and awesome, but no, they have not mastered any strokes at all. They’re not swimmers, they’re walkers,” he told Yahoo! TV.

But though much of the next season is set on Strand’s yacht, it won’t be as though the survivors are going on a summer cruise. “Here’s what it’s not going to be: We’re not doing ‘The Love Boat’ with zombies,” Erickson said, according to THR.

The new season of “Fear the Walking Dead” premieres Sunday, April 10, at 9 p.m. ET, the week after ‘The Walking Dead’ concludes its sixth season, on AMC.