'Fear The Walking Dead' season 2: Daniel's death and Madison's dark side


The most recent episode of “Fear The Walking Dead” season 2 presented a lot of surprises, leaving fans shocked at the characters of the series.

The episode showed the aftermath of Strand’s (Colman Domingo) decision to shoot Thomas Abigail to keep him from turning into a walker. The event caused chaos in the house with Celia requesting Strand and Madison’s (Kim Dickens) family to leave her home.

However, things took an unexpected turn when Daniel (Ruben Blades) started a fire in the call with the rest of the walkers. With that, many fans are speculating that Celia and Daniel died in the fire along with Thomas’ home.

The episode left fans with many questions concerning the future of the characters. Fortunately, The executive producer of the series Dave Erickson shared some details about the characters’ fate.

Regarding Daniel’s death, Erickson said to TV Line, ” What’s important for the story, specifically for Ofelia, is that all the characters believe that Daniel burned with the compound. We’re not going to see Rubn [Blades] in the back half [of Season 2], but my hope is that we will see him resurrected in Season 3 in an organic way. I think there’s more story to tell with that character and also more story to tell in that father/daughter relationship.”

He also went into detail about Dickens’ character who surprised fans when she locked Celia into the cell of walkers. He revealed that Madison saw Celia as a threat when she found out that Celie poisoned the congregation in order to protect the walkers living in her home.

With that, Erickson teased the dark side of Madison. He said, “Madison has alluded to it before, but she’s had an interesting relationship with violence. She does have a morality, and she does have good qualities, obviously. But what we’ll find out [in the second half of the season] is that there’s a darker side to Madison Clark. The more we get to know her, the more we’ll understand why she’s willing to go to the places she does.”

“Fear The Walking Dead” season 2 is expected to return later this year.