Fear the Walking Dead premiere date, spoilers air date coming this August, promises urban and chaotic setting


AMC will be having a terrorizing field day for its fans this coming August with six episodes described by the show runner as chaotic and crazy according to the Gospel Herald. Fear the Walking Dead has no specific air date in August yet, but the details include a metropolitan setting with crumbling civilization, a storyline different from main series The Walking Dead, and an opening for another spinoff from the main show apart from this mini-series may even be possible. Checking the indications from initial spoilers, there will be more fear and less answers in there.

Christian Today reveals that Fear the Walking Dead is shot digitally and not using the 16 millimeter cameras used for the main show The Walking Dead. At the time of posting, there are no expected crossovers but more of catching up to each other’s timelines later for both storylines. There is emphasis on action-driven sequencing so it will be much, much busier than season 1 of The Walking Dead, even.

Inquisitr unveils that another difference which will set Fear the Walking Dead from The Walking Dead is that it is strictly urban, set in Los Angeles and not as a prequel even though it is a few years earlier in the timeline. Hollywood Take claims that despite the spoilers, the cause of the virus will not really be revealed in Fear the Walking Dead as some fans have hoped.

Meanwhile, spoilers for The Walking Dead have been quite generous because of rabid fan groups who are always scouring the web for new things to report on social media. This demonstrates the level of loyalty and following that the AMC show has and the mounting excitement for the mini-series and the main series. Casting changes are also updated almost weekly. As previously reported, Sandrine Holt joins the cast of the main series as recurring character Dr. Bethany Exner.