Fast and Furious 8 movie news: Kurt Russell will be link between films 8 and 9; Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham confirm return


Two weeks ago during CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Vin Diesel has revealed the potential date for theater release of the eighth installment of Universal Pictures’ “Fast and Furious” franchise, which will be on April 14, 2017. Recently, he also shared the film’s possible logo to his Instagram followers.

Captioned with “#TorettoTuesday” the picture showed New York skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge on the foreground, suggesting that the film’s main location might be in Manhattan.

Cinema Blend reports that this confirms what Diesel recently told Jimmy Kimmel during an interview on his late-night talk show. According to the same report, “Fast and Furious 7,” was originally conceived to be a part of a new trilogy.  However they have to tweak some parts of the movie to accommodate the untimely death of Paul Walker as one of its leads.

As a trilogy, Kurt Russell’s character as Mr. Nobody, who was introduced in Furious 7, is confirmed to continue and be the connective story for Furious 8 and 9, the report shared. Diesel revealed on an interview for Furious 7 that Russell is really meant to be in the new movie, “Kurt Russell came in for this movie but we really hired him for a story that follows this, that takes place in New York,” Diesel shared.

Among the cast, Dwayne Johnson who plays Investigator Hobbs, has confirmed with Nerd Report that he is coming back, “Of course. Can’t go on without Hobbs,” the actor said. On a similar note, Jason Statham who portrays the antagonist, Deckard Shaw, will also reprise his role. He told Den of Geek exclusively that, “There’s Fast 8, they want to do another one,” and when asked regarding his schedule, the actor shared, “To me, it depends what Universal are doing and when they want to go,” Statham said.