Farrah Abraham says she should be the example of other ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars

A promotional image for "Teen Mom OG." (Facebook/teenmom)

“Teen Mom OG” star Farrah Abraham may have started to patch things up with her mother, Debra. The same, however, cannot be said with her co-stars.

In an interview with US Weekly, the 26-year-old TV host said that she has not made any moves to repair her relationship with Amber Portwood. Furthermore, Abraham feels that Portwood and her other co-stars should even look to her as an example.

“I’m just going to stick to my own standards and I’m not going to dumb down to mediocracy,” said Abraham. This is in relation to Portwood leaving her fiancé, Matt Baier. “I think a lot of the women on my show have done that and I feel bad for them,” she added.

She also said that her co-stars should reconsider bashing her and creating further rifts among themselves. “I just feel like they should watch and let me be the example because otherwise, when I try to be friends with them, they like to bash me and tear down one another,” she added.

She also said, “I wish them all the best. I frankly feel like I’m not here to just get married and divorced and pop out babies.”

During last season’s reunion special, the two were involved in a heated fight. Moreover, she also had a feud with co-star Maci Bookout. The latter told the show’s producers that she will not film if Abraham continues to be part of the season.

Last April, Abraham also mocked at the two, including co-star Catelynn Baltierra. DailyMail reported that Abraham took to Twitter saying that she has brought more to the show than her co-stars.

“It’s Hilarity how I single handily made more views & ratings then all three stooges on @TeenMom @mtv & make more rating then 1offs…sh!,” Abraham tweeted, but she deleted the said post afterward.

Abraham has reached the levels of notoriety after starring in a couple of adult film stars. She appeared in “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom” and “Farrah 2: Backdoor and More.” Her three co-stars, on the other hand, were also not receptive to the idea of patching things up.