'Fargo' season 3 spoilers: Storylines will move away from Coen brothers' film


Speculations have it that the highly anticipated third season of FX’s critically acclaimed series “Fargo” will not premiere on the small screen until spring of 2017.

Although the show has been renewed early on during its sophomore run, what may have added to the assumption is that the setting is confirmed to take place during winter time and the production is slated to begin sometime in November this year in Alberta, Canada.

When it comes to the plot, it is said that the upcoming episodes will move away from the familiar filmography notes of the Coen brothers when they worked on movies with the same name.

According to Vanity Fair, the old classic feel of both seasons 1 and 2 will not be incorporated in the third one as executive producers Noah Hawley, Warren Littlefield ,and John Cameron shared that they are moving to a more contemporary time in 2010.

Season 1 was set in 2006 but Hawley said, “We didn’t really deal with what it was like to be in that region in a more contemporary world.” They instead will divulge into a modern times and will feature more advanced ideas, “I like the idea that we’re now living in a very selfie-oriented culture where people photograph what they’re eating and put it up for other people to see.”

However, it will not purely for lifting the storyline to include the Internet era, they will also use the side of technology in showing that the ways to communicate nowadays can be very effective when utilized correctly, “It feels like a social dynamic that is very antithetical to the Lutheran pragmatism of the region. So many of our crime stories are based on the difficulty that people have expressing themselves and communicating. In a lot of ways, the tragedies that are at the heart of these crimes could all be averted.” he added.

He further explained that “I like the idea of setting up these pragmatic and humble people against the culture of narcissism and [seeing] what that generates for us, story-wise.”