'Fargo' season 3 spoilers: Showrunner jokes that succeeding season will take place in the year 5150


Creator and showrunner Noah Hawley recently shared what he believes makes “Fargo” a hit among both fans and critics as the franchise moves forward with the highly anticipated season 3.

In an interview with Vox, the man behind the acclaimed TV adaptation of the Coen brothers’ classic cult favorite shared that he and the team are making sure there is a “level of character, thematic exploration and structural innovation” on every season of the anthology show.

“It says that it’s a true story, which means the things that happen in it can’t feel like a movie. … There have to be enough moving pieces on a collision course, but exactly which pieces are going to collide, and when, has an element of randomness to it,” he explained.

He added that there were moments inside the writers’ room when he was pitched a great twist but if he thinks it is better for a movie, it does not make it to the series, “Obviously there’s a certain level of violence to it. That is part of the DNA of the show and the crime story aspect of it.”

When asked about the possibility of the story taking place in a more distant past than the freshman season’s 1979 setting. “You could do 1860. I like to joke we’ll do the year 5150 on Space Station Fargo. [Other time periods are] definitely something I’d like to explore,” Hawley humorously quipped.

The theme for season 3 has yet to be officially confirmed but the drama will have a backdrop set in 2006. Carrie Coon joins cast as Eden Valley’s new chief of police Gloria Burgle who is described as a “practical woman who grabs fire extinguisher when the bacon catches on fire and everyone panics.”

She will be joined by Ewan McGregor for the dual role of siblings Emmit and Ray Stussy. The former is the older one and is known as the Parking Lot King of Minnesota, while the latter is the complete opposite. Ray also blames Emmit for the unfortunate events that happened in his life.

Season 3 of “Fargo” is predicted to premiere sometime in 2017.