'Far Cry Primal' update: 5-minute gameplay trailer shows how Takkar survives primitive age


One of the highly anticipated games early this year is “Far Cry Primal,” which is the seventh game in the “Far Cry” spin-off series. With less than two weeks before its scheduled release, game developer Ubisoft showcased a 5-minute video titled “Far Cry Primal 101.

The video gives the audience an idea of how the game would feel as well as some basic information on how to survive during the early period of humankind. Set at the end of the Ice Age, players need to control the main character named Takkar aka The Beastmaster.

Takkar belongs to the annihilated Wenja tribe and he has to face two other prominent tribes: the Udam tribe, cave dwellers known for their cannibalism; and the enslaver Azile tribe. He has to learn crafting and upgrading his own tools and weapons in order to survive.

The “Far Cry Primal” video presents survivability information: about basic and advanced weapons, the environment, the animals with their abilities, and the other tribes. Everybody wants to survive the savagery and it all boils down to the survival of the fittest, Windows Central reported.

Ubisoft Montreal’s narrative director, Jean-Sebastien Decant, was recently interviewed by Gamespot and he gave some hindsight with regard to the game. He shared that one of the complexities of a game is the animation of animals, and what made this game harder to build is that, all the animals used in “Far Cry Primal” are extinct.

“Today one of the main tools we have to work with when it comes to understand the animals that roam the world back then are bones, and it’s amazing what experts on the field can deduct from just them,” Decant said.

“We used all the information available to tackle animation and obviously had to adapt to the realities of navigation of the AI,” he explained, “having animals like the elder mammoth which is around twice the size of the regular mammoth forced us to adjust the navigation systems used by the AI and we also had to adapt the structure of the flora & trees to make sure they had enough space. Imagine the first time we started to populate our world with these huge beasts!”

“Far Cry Primal” will be released on Feb. 23 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version will follow on March 1.