'Fallout 4' updates: Game gets patch 1.5 in preparation for 'Far Harbor' and new difficulty mode


The action and role-playing video game “Fallout 4” has already launched several DLCs since its launch last November. The title still has a few more add-ins lined up, but amidst the new additions, Bethesda is also doing some patches to ensure that the game runs smoothly.

One of the fixes include update 1.5 on Steam, which was launched on Thursday, April 28. The new patch brings in several fixes for bugs identified earlier in preparation for “Far Harbor” in May, as well as the Survival Mode that Bethesda is encouraging the players to try.

Survival Mode is the new and most difficult level in the game. Fans were given the chance to try out the setting in the beta testing made available last month, where they did some new obstacles and challenges.

Meanwhile, “Fallout 4” is preparing for “Far Harbor” coming in May. The content promises to be the largest addition in the game with the mission focused on a new case from Valentine’s Detective Agency that involves searching for a young woman and a mysterious group of synths. In the expansion, players will need to travel to the coast of Maine at an island referred to as Far Harbor to uncover more about the feral world. Along with the missions and huge map, players can also look forward to new creatures, dungeons, weapons, and armors.

Prior to this, fans were able to see “Automatron” in March, where they had the chance to build from scraps and other materials a mod robot companion. On the other hand, “Wasteland Workshop” launched this month, where players were able to do more customization options.

Fans who are interested in all the DLCs may purchase the Season Pass for $49.99, while “Far Harbor” may be bought individually at $29.99.