'Fallout 4' updates: Cheats for 'Automatron' revealed


The action role-playing game “Fallout 4” has just received its newest DLC two weeks ago called “Automatron,” but there are already cheats surfacing online as to how to maximize what the DLC has to offer.

The concept of the newest expansion lets players make mod robots and take them as their companions by building from scrap materials scavenged in different locations. In order to have a good robot, players need to look for the right parts at the right place.

However, for those who want to skip the process or simply speed up the creation, Gaming Bolt suggested some tips on how to go about it. These cheats can be unlocked through codes entered in the system. Players will need to first go to the Console Command function and input the command player.additem 001EC137 1. After which, players can access different parts that can help build a robot companion.

The list below shows the access codes that the players may input in the command center, as outlined by the same gaming portal.

  • Shipment of Ceramic 001EC13B
  • Shipment of Lead 001EC149
  • Shipment of Nuclear Material 001EC14B
  • Shipment of Oil 001EC14C
  • Shipment of Plastic 2001EC14D
  • Shipment of Rubber 001EC14E
  • Shipment of Screws 001EC14F
  • Shipment of Silver 001EC150
  • Shipment of Springs 001EC151
  • Shipment of Circuitry 001EC13C
  • Shipment of Copper 001EC140
  • Shipment of Crystals 001EC142
  • Shipment of Fiber Optics 001EC145
  • Shipment of Fiberglass 001EC144
  • Shipment of Gears 001EC146
  • Shipment of Glass 001EC147
  • Shipment of Gold 001EC148
  • Shipment of Adhesive 001EC135
  • Shipment of Aluminum 001EC137
  • Shipment of Asbestos 001EC13A
  • Shipment of Steel 001EC131

Meanwhile, “Fallout 4” is also expected to have a few more DLCs slated for this year as well as early next year. This April, the game is expected to have a new addition called “Wasteland Workshop” where players can further customize the robots. In May, players can also expect another DLC called “Far Harbor,” promising to bring the largest landmass in the game.

Aside from these, a surprise came with two more expansions lined up for late 2016 to early 2017. “Lonesome Rhode” will let players explore a full-scale Rhode Island, while “To Del’ and Back” will introduce five new vehicle options.

“Automatron” may be purchased as a standalone DLC at $9.99, while players may also opt for the season pass, which costs $49.99.