'Fallout 4' updates: Asian region reportedly has not received any available patch


Players from the Asian region of Bethesda’s latest installment in their role-playing game franchise “Fallout 4” are reportedly frustrated from the lack of updates for the game.

The so-called Fallout 1.02 patch was first tested in beta version in November across platforms. It was shortly pulled out after to be released in Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Numerous reports have users voicing out their complaints. One player even wrote an open letter on the game’s official forum stating, “We appreciate it if you could give us an update on the Asia R3 region patches situation, it’s been a month since game released. And we are two patches behind as of now.”

“Asia is a huge market for profit, I’m sure the higher up management would care about profit, if the whole region won’t be interested to purchase Bethesda games in the future because they don’t have confidence in your company due to this current issue, the longer this drags on, the worse it is going to be,” the user added.

A Reddit user also shared that although the certification process is understandably different from North America and Europe, the long delay is becoming unacceptable. The grievances seem to come from owners of game consoles but not for PCs as the update is now available via Steam for everyone.

The patch has addressed some of the previous issues and concerns of gamers including bugs and performances. Most notable features are the changes in Corvega Assembly Plant, the huge multi-level building in Lexington which was treated with a downgrade in graphics to have a better frame rate, fixes for being stuck in terminals, crashing problems near Monsignor Plaza, and previously experiencing frozen screen in main menu.

With the upcoming release of “Fallout 4” in Japan on Dec. 17, fans are reportedly hoping that it will come with updates.