'Fallout 4' new DLC release date expected this month


There’s a new and very exciting downloadable content (DLC) heading to the action role-playing video game, “Fallout 4,” and much even better news is that it is expected to be released anytime this month. The DLC is titled “Nuka-World” and will essentially be the next major follow-up to the recently launched 1.7 patch update in Steam. While patches are intended to deal with bugs and provide some fixes, the upcoming DLC will be an expansion.

Per report from VG 24/7, the patch update released earlier this month is unfortunately available for Steam users only, so console owners will have to wait a little longer for the same to be available to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Without the 1.7 patch update, there’s no way for the upcoming expansion to be installed.

The “Nuka-World” DLC is reportedly going to be the last story-based expansion for the popular game from Bethesda Game Studios. It is set in a creepy post-apocalyptic amusement park abandoned by Nuka Cola. It is filled with Raiders, who took over the park and used it as shelter right after the war.

Bethesda director Todd Howard told Game Rant that the amusement park resembles that of a real-life park and is divided into varying themes, although it certainly is still designed for the creeps, something which the “Fallout” series is known for in its storyline.

Accordingly, the expansion will be featuring more than just a new location but also several new Raiders, a bunch of new weapons, and quests to finish. The only unfortunate thing to come out of “Fallout 4” as of late is that there still is no update about the PlayStation 4 mods, which the game developer earlier admitted via Twitter that they still are being evaluated. It’s essentially saying that those mods are still pretty far from being released.