'Fallout 4' PS4 mods release date update: Progress stalled


It looks like PlayStation (PS) 4 gamers will have to wait a while longer to play “Fallout 4” modifications (mods).

The support for PS4 mods should have been released a while back. Bethesda said back in June that the beta was close to completion. They even released a PS4 mod upload support called the “creation kit” back then. Right now, however, everything seems to have stalled.

Reports indicate that there are problems with the sound file support for PS4. It also has problems with the limited storage space on the PS4, which is approximately 900 megabytes at present, as well as display performance issues.

Bethesda posted some information regarding the status of the game’s mod support for PS4 on their official Twitter page. The post revealed that Bethesda is still trying to solve the mod support issues for PS4 with Sony. 

Bethesda’s Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing Pete Hines also answered some questions on Twitter from gamers who wanted to know about the mod support’s status. He revealed that the developer was unsure how to proceed with the beta testing due to the delay. He said that things “would depend on what comes out of evaluation process.”

There wasn’t much information from both Twitter posts. The good news is that Bethesda isn’t giving up yet, so PS4 gamers may get to play “Fallout 4” mods in the future.

In other “Fallout 4” news, it seems like the gamers are going to get their hands on the “Fallout 4: Nuka-World” expansion soon. Bethesda has officially revealed that the expansion will be released on Aug. 30 for PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

“Nuka-World” will be the sixth and final downloadable content for “Fallout 4.” Since Nuka-World is just an expansion, players will need the base game to run it.

Check out the first full trailer of the expansion.