'Fallout 4' patch hides a new survival mode


A “Fallout 4” fan has discovered that hiding in the game’s latest update, Patch 1.4, are details of a new Survival Mode. Details of the new mode were promptly leaked online.

Redditor ShaneD53 did some data mining in the in-game files. The Redditor found that the Survival Mode will bring changes to the way players travel in the game, damage output, and saves, among other things. Read the details below.

Fast Travel

Fast Travel will be disabled. Players will now mostly need to use their feet to travel through the vast wasteland.


Combat will be more lethal for both players and their enemies. This means players can deliver more damage, but at the same time, they will take more damage from their opponent as well.


Players can even increase their damage output through the Adrenaline perk which they automatically receive in Survival. Adrenaline is basically a damage bonus that can be increased by getting kills but decreased by sleeping for more than one hour.


The mode will disable manual and quicksaving. To save their game, players need to sleep in a bed for an hour or more.

Weighted ammo

A player’s ammunition will have their corresponding weights and carrying heavier ammo will slow them down. Bullets and shells are generally on the lighter side of the scale, while fusion cores, rockets, and mini-nukes are on the heavier ammo.

There are other changes aside from these but there is a possibility that they might still change. Although Bethesda has already acknowledged that the leaked information is genuine and that there will be a Survival Mode, the publisher said it’s still “messing with it” at the moment.

“Our fans are too smart. Early look at #Fallout4 Survival Mode on @reddit,” Bethesda confirmed “Fallout 4’s” Survival Mode through its official Twitter account. “We’re still messing w/ it. More to come! http://bit.ly/1oHQUsN

Clearly, the Survival Mode will test players in more ways than just surviving harsh conditions. Players could soon experience these changes themselves, as Attack of the Fanboy reports there’s going to be a beta, which will roll out to the PC first and followed by the PS4 and Xbox One.