'Fallout 4' mods for Xbox One available next week


While players are enjoying the new expansion for “Fallout 4” called “Far Harbor,” the developer, Bethesda is already preparing for the new mods that would be supporting gaming consoles.

As mentioned in the reports, the PC is already experiencing the open beta for the mods. Now, the company is taking their first step in bringing to Xbox One by doing a closed beta. The mods that will be done for Xbox One will be a testing period for the game.

Fans of the game were already aware that the mods would happen within a month, but there was no exact information that was given on what the date would be. However, it was said that the beta testing for the mods for Xbox One might already start next which is good news for the players who signed for the closed beta.

According to The Escapist, the information was gotten from the twitter account of Bethesda. There will also be a new update available for “Fallout 4” which is version 1.5.205.

It took a while for the company to continue with the project of releasing the mods for consoles because they decided to put their maximum effort first with the release of “Fallout 4: Far Harbor” which fans are relishing right now.

Aside from the closed beta modes that would be released, the new expansion has been receiving positive reviews from the players. The location of “Far Harbor” offered new challenges since it has a very harsh environment.

Moreover, fans of the game experienced a new type of enemy, “Gulpers,” that proved to be difficult to deal with. It is a salamander that had a mutation and it attacks the players from the tree with a surprise attack.

The Xbox One mods for “Fallout 4” is expected to be played next week. The PlayStation 4 mods will also have a closed beta which is expected to arrive in June.