'Fallout 4' update 1.6 available for PS4 and Xbox One


It has taken quite some time for Bethesda to make Update 1.6 for “Fallout 4” available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The patch was released for PC on July 5, and on Monday, July 18, the company confirmed on its Twitter page that the update is now available on all platforms.

Along with some fixes, the update will also enable Codsworth to say over 300 new names, including Ares, Bort, Cena, Morty, Rhianna, and Starbuck, among others. The update will also bring the ExitSave option to “Fallout” 4, which is a big help to gamers as previously, the only way that one can save their progress while playing Survival Mode is to find a bed in the game.

To trigger the ExitSave feature, one needs to exit to the Main Menu or Desktop (for PC players) to create an ExitSave. During the next play session, the ExitSave will delete itself after being loaded. The ExitSave works in all difficulty levels including Survival Mode.

Other features brought about by the 1.6 patch include new add-on specific icons in Workshop mode and support for upcoming add-ons.

Some of the changes for “Fallout 4” include general stability and performance improvements, a fix for the crash related to targeting an enemy weapon while in VATS, a fix for the issue wherein a Companion would become stuck walking and unable to run, a fix for when players get stuck in elevators while inside the Mass Fusion Building, and a fix for the occasional issue where players become permanently invisible.

The complete list of fixes and improvements is published on Bethesda’s official website.

Meanwhile, the next add-on for “Fallout 4,” “Vault-Tec Workshop,” will be released on July 26 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. This particular downloadable content (DLC) will enable gamers to create a massive vault and attract new Dwellers using pre-war industrial kits. Players can also run “Vault-Tec approved” experiments on Dwellers to learn what makes an ideal citizen. The upcoming content is priced at $4.99 or free to Season Pass owners.