'Fallout 4' news: Skills, perks of 12 new companions revealed


“Fallout 4” has included one aspect in the game that is unique and interesting, a companion who can help the player in Commonwealth.

There are 12 companions in total, which can be used only one at a time. This means that once the player meets a new companion and opts for it, the current companion will have to be replaced. The companion generally accompanies the player, but they also have other skills or perk, which can be useful to players such as swapping weapons and gears, letting them carry items, hacking computer terminals, and even starting a relationship. Best of all, the companions can aid the player in battles and take the damages, but they do not die.

VG 247 has listed down some of the companions in the game. One of them is Dogmeat, recruited at the Red Rocket Station. He is helpful in getting items for players, but he will pose some difficulty for those who want to go under stealth mode. They can also opt for Codsworth, who can act as a sympathizer robot and be recruited in the house after Vault 111. This robot has the capability to heal Dogmeat, as well as modify weapons and armors. However, it has the tendency to steal items from others.

On the other hand, those who prefer skills in tinkering items may need private detective Nick Valentine, who can be recruited in Park Station after Diamond City. He has the ability to hack computers as well as heal Dogmeat.

Meanwhile, others who want to boost their experience may opt for Piper. The journalist can be first seen in Diamond City, asking for players’ help to get to the mayor’s office. Once inside the office, players can answer her questions in the “Story of the Century.” After which, the quest will be completed and players can get her as companion. Players can also use her for romance.

Perhaps the most useful of all is the robot Curie. Ii has the capability to heal the player who is at 10 percent health to 100 percent once a day. Curie may be found at Vault 81, which will begin the “Emergent Behavior” quest. Aside from its healing capabilities, the robot is the only non-human companion that can be romanced, said the same report from VG 247.

“Fallout 4” was initially released on Nov. 10, 2015, available for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One consoles.